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Got a dead oak limb hanging over your house and want it down before the next storm?

Have a hydrangea that you know you could prune, but need a few pointers, or some side-by-side pruning with professional tools?

Hope to have your trees mapped?

Looking for your redbud to be structure-pruned to weather the next storm?

Want to schedule a tree ID walk for your kids and their friends?

Did you buy a bunch of mushroom spawn, and now you want a less-desired tree cut down and the logs prepared as mushroom logs?

Wondering what unexpected non-ornamental uses the trees in your yard have?

Curious about getting into recreational tree-climbing?

Interested in a personalized tree inventory or mapping project?

Let's talk! I'm committed to sliding scale rates* and sustainable practices. Estimates and invoices are what I consider to be a fair market rate for my services, but you are welcome to pay less or more depending on your individual financial circumstances.


It's a constant dance between wanting to live in a world without a cash economy, while also want my rates to reflect the value of the work, pay my collaborators generously, cover expenses, and ensure that larger companies can charge the rates necessary to provide full benefits and living wages to their employees given the higher costs they face (i.e. not undercut any of my colleagues.)

In certain cases I'm open to barter, please ask if you think this might be appropriate in your situation. 

*That said, much of what I do is dangerous and requires expensive equipment. I encourage you to pay the rate you are able. 

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